Achievement system

You can now become a hero or even in the club 100 if you have what it takes. The new achievement system, now included in the BODY BIKE app v. 2.0, provides you with titles and medals. Brutal challenges are what you can expect, not everyone can claim every title. Achieve lifetime titles and weekly medals, compare and be the best among your friends. 


The achievement system contains seven titles and three medals. Earn every title but be aware nothing comes easy. Every title contains three to six challenges, which get harder along the way. One challenge could be “Burn 5000 kcal” another could be “15% red zone in 1 workout”. If you have what it takes to complete all challenges, you will gain the title. 


Gain a medal every seven days. The three medals are bronze, silver and gold. The medals are different from each other in difficulty. To gain a medal you have to complete three challenges. For the bronze medal, one challenge could be to reach “50 km in one week”. For the silver, “reach 60 km in one week”, and for the gold “reach 75 km in one week”. 


Here you can find a short interface description of the achievement system interface.

You’ll find the achievement system in the top right corner menu, under level.

If you have not yet achieved any titles or medals, the medals will appear in white strokes. When achievements and medals are awarded the medals will become solid and display a small animation, flipping to a different colour. 

Tap each achievement or medal to see the requirements, and see how far you are in fulfilling the challenges. 

Every seven days the medals will be cleared and 3 new challenges will appear in each of the medals (Bronze, silver and gold). If you have achieved a bronze medal the counter in the top right corner of the medal will be increased by one, and so on as you gain more medals.