The BODY BIKE SMART+ Phantom is a step in our evolution, from the quest for the perfect ride to our obsession with perfection. This groundbreaking innovation combines silent smooth magnetic technology with an innovative quattro-step tension control and a brand-new gear ratio to fit all styles, from HIT to dance & endurance.


Watch the Phantom's origin.



Stay ahead of maintenance schedules effortlessly with unique tracking features, guaranteeing optimal bike performance and longevity.

Revolutionizing the experience of
owning and servicing a BODY BIKE

This innovative addition provides unparalleled insight into the bike's performance, catering to both club managers and authorised service personnel alike. Club managers gain access to comprehensive data, allowing them to monitor operation time, distance, average watt, and meticulously track part's history. Moreover, authorized service personnel can effortlessly register replaced spare parts, with the bike seamlessly logging the date and distance automatically. This advanced tracking system not only streamlines maintenance but also maximises operational efficiency, setting new standards in fitness equipment management.

Data display on your phone

Watt, HR, cadence, calories, distance and speed - current, average and maximum values


colour intensity zones

Training with intensity zones makes it easier to guide the class as well as to target your training.

workout history

Save your training data in the app workout history. Detailed overview of past workouts.

strava upload

Upload your training data to Strava from the Workout history inside the app and share on social media.

integrated tests

Determine your FTP level and VO2 Max value with the VO2 max test.
Find your FTP level with the 5-minute test.
Transfer FTP results to your Personal Settings.

customise your app

Choose a favourite colour app - 5 different skins to choose from - customise your graphs to fit to your own level


Most of the personal training apps available for your smartphone offer BLE connectivity - some also ANT+. It means that you can connect BODY BIKE SMART®+ to virtually every training app and device that offers one of these two types of connectivity. The possibilities for connection are endless.

in-club display systems

The ANT+ signal transmitted by BODY BIKE SMART®+ can be picked up by a wide range of in-club training display systems. The ANT+ signal is the most commonly used protocol in group fitness settings.

That means YOU decide what system to use with our indoor bikes.



BODY BIKE SMART+ Phantom combines state-of-the-art technology with functional design providing both the cyclist, the service team and the club owner with a superior indoor bike.

It features several revolutionary innovations; A silent smooth magnetic brake that ensures a serene workout environment. A quattro step tension control, that has four intensity levels on a single turn. A new 12-gear system making it easier to stay at your desired intensity level. And a new onboard tracking feature making maintenance carefree.

BODY BIKE SMART+ Phantom is equipped with a generator ensuring a battery-free, eco-friendly and self-sustaining workout. The power generated by the user allows for data transfer via ANT+ and Bluetooth, and it supports SMART Charge. Bring a USB cable, plug it in and start pedalling. Download the BODY BIKE Indoor Cyclling app from Google Play or Appstore to get your data displayed right in front of you.

It is optimised in terms of design, functionality, ergonomy and stability. It is the perfect indoor bike for every cycling studio wanting to invest in high quality with low maintenance as an added bonus. It is THE bike for high intensity interval training due to the sturdiness of the construction. The immense load that the indoor bike is exposed to during this form of training takes a toll on crank hub and pedal arms, but the patented crank hub and the unbreakable pedal arms can easily withstand the strain.

  • The SMART Release adjustments offer the indoor cyclist the possibility of adjusting his/her position from the saddle.
  • The side covers protect the cyclist from the rotating flywheel
  • The 4-point magnetic service hatches provide easy service access
  • The unisex SMART saddle is designed with comfort in mind

Every detail is well thought-through. See more detailed info under Product Specifications and the animation.

The BODY BIKE SMART+ Phantom is an eco-friendly marvel, crafted with a commitment to sustainability at its core. Every bike is meticulously manufactured using recycled ABS plastic and reclaimed, recycled iron for all cast iron components. This conscious choice results in a remarkable reduction of 0.19 tonnes of CO2 e emissions per bike, making it a true champion of environmental responsibility.
At BODY BIKE, we understand that true sustainability lies in the durability and longevity of our products. That's why each and every BODY BIKE is built to withstand the test of time, ensuring that your investment in fitness and environmental protection lasts for years to come. With meticulous attention to detail and a unwavering dedication to quality, we craft products that not only elevate your workout experience but also contribute to a greener, healthier planet.



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