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BODY BIKE® is excited to announce the appointment of FitDist Sports Limited UK as new distributor in mainland UK. The new partnership will see FitDist expand its portfolio of brands, such as TRX and Triggerpoint, offering all BODY BIKE® equipment and accessories. Click to read more...
BODY BIKE at Les Mills Live Copenhagen - THE TRIP


Les Mills and Reebok will be bringing the world’s biggest fitness party LES MILLS LIVE to Copenhagen! Don’t miss this opportunity to experience a spectacular event: Book your ticket now on www.lesmills.com. BODY BIKE® is supplying the bikes for the cycle studio in cooperation with Fitness Engros, and it’s going to be awesome! For the first time ever, THE TRIP™ will be launched in Denmark.


Taking the VO2 max test on BODY BIKE Connect or BODY BIKE SMART+ requires that you have the time available for it. Depending on the physical condition of the test person, it can take anywhere from 10 minutes to more than an hour. In the event that you haven't had the chance to take it but still wants your performance data to be fairly accurate, it is possible to estimate an approximate FTP by relating personal info as sex, age, weight and perceived physical condition. Download the FTP table and place it in your cycling studio accessible to the members.

BODY BIKE proud sponsor of ROOSTER RACING 2017

In less than three weeks, 24 riders from all over the world will gather in Bormio, Italy to participate in Tour de Rooster 2017: one week in the Dolomites in the name of charity. Jens Voigt and Frank Schleck, former Tour de France Pro riders, will be taking part in the tour and fundraising efforts. BODY BIKE® will support the tour organized by Rooster Racing International, Inc.
Indoor cycling app with colour intensity zones

BODY BIKE® Indoor Cycling with Colour Intensity Zones

A new feature has been added to the BODY BIKE® Indoor Cycling app: COLOUR INTENSITY ZONES. Training with intensity zones makes it easier to guide the indoor cycling class as well as to target your training. Adding colour to the zones, makes it visually easier to determine if you’re in the correct zone during your workout. Read more about the featured update here...
Internet of things, fitness tracking, connected gym equipment, body bike


Keeping track of your performance data is made a whole lot easier by IoT – the Internet of Things. IoT refers to the internetworking of connected devices or smart devices enabling the exchange and collection of data between them. In relation to tech gadgets for performance tracking in sport and fitness, wearables, power meters, GPS devices and connected gym equipment are all part of the IoT and this enables us to collect most of our performance data in one place, or at least a few places, making it easy to get an overview.