RIDE HIGH is a FREE magazine that embraces and champions the very best of indoor cycling across the whole fitness industry, from EMEA to Asia, Australia, Africa to the Americas.


In this issue of RIDE HIGH:

  • David Watt - The CEO of Psycle outlines plans to scale the brand in the London market as a springboard to growth across the UK and beyond.
  • Life cycle - Indoor cycling can be hugely beneficial as we age. We look at the science, the secrets of engaging older people, and why our sector must embrace this agenda.
  • The power of light - Profound experiences can be achieved when illumination is combined with movement, music and motivation, says fitness studio design expert Barbara Chancey.
  • Focus on the feelgood - If consumers no longer seek physical perfection, we have to stop selling it, says Carrie Kepple, owner of Styles Studio Fitness and former IHRSA chair.
  • Happy hour - Exercise has scientifically proven benefits for brain health and happiness, and they come far quicker than physical results. So, are we marketing fitness all wrong?
  • Uffe A Olesen - As BODY BIKE marks its 27th birthday, its CEO celebrates his own milestone of 20 years with the company. He takes a walk down memory lane.
  • Kaleigh Cohen Fitness - From creating an online class for her mum, to full-time content creation and a community that’s hundreds of thousands strong – Kaleigh Cohen shares her story.