Qicraft and SATS/Elixia sign exclusive agreement

Qicraft and SATS/Elixia sign exclusive agreement


After careful consideration and scrutiny of all the best indoor cycle vendors in the market, Qicraft has entered an agreement with SATS/Elixia  (Health & Fitness Nordic) on the supply of indoor bikes from BODY BIKE International. SATS/Elixia is the largest chain of fitness centers in Scandinavia with more than 200 locations.

The BODY BIKE is renowned for its Scandinavian design, high quality and low maintenance costs.

“SATS/Elixia chose to enter this agreement when we saw that the terms of this cooperation met the demands and expectations that SATS/Elixia had listed for this category of equipment. These terms include the product itself, quality and functionality as well as service and distribution necessary to service a client like SATS/Elixia with a geographical spread in the Nordic countries,” says Mattias Lintzén, Purchase Manager at SATS/Elixia.

The indoor bikes figuring in the agreement are the BODY BIKE Connect – part of a new generation of indoor bikes with a build-in power measurement enabling performance and progress measurement. Watt training creates enormous possibilities and opens up to a new class structure and programs.

“We are very happy to resume the cooperation with SATS/Elixia on the supply of BODY BIKE indoor bikes and looking forward to, again, supply training equipment of the highest quality to the largest fitness operator in Scandinavia,” says Farhad Jabbari, Qicraft Group COO.

With BODY BIKE Connect, it is possible to measure the power output and monitor how hard you are working at any given time. Via the ANT+ signal you can follow your workout on the screen in front of you. The BODY BIKE indoor bikes are also renowned for its high quality and its closed design protects dust and sweat from entering the vital parts of the bike. This is mainly why this bike has very low maintenance requirements and costs.