BODY BIKE SMART®+ at Fitness World

The Danish fitness operator Fitness World has selected BODY BIKE® to equip the cycling studios of their upgraded gyms this fall.


With more than 150 gyms, Fitness World is by far the largest gym operator in Denmark. BODY BIKE® has been exclusive supplier of indoor bikes for their cycling studios during the 12 years Fitness World has been in existence – initially with the BODY BIKE® Supreme and back in 2013, the BODY BIKE® Connect watt cycle was installed in selected gyms.

During the fall of 2017, Fitness World will be rolling out a new concept with the opening of 10 new flagship gyms. The cycling studios will be equipped with BODY BIKE SMART®+ taking their cycling concept to a new level. All members will have the opportunity to see training data now and to take the data with them: Instead of a fixed console on the bikes, BODY BIKE SMART®+ transmits the data to the BODY BIKE® Indoor Cycling app – a free training app available for Android and iOS smartphones.

The smartphone with the app serves as console and displays the data of the cyclist: power, HR, cadence, calories, speed and distance – current, average, maximum values, %FTP and %MHR. The data is saved in the app workout log with the option to upload to the Strava cloud.

Utilizing the smartphone as console ensures that the users always has an updated screen. Features can be added to the app, and all it takes for the users to benefit from the new features is updating the app on their phones. In this way, the gym won’t have to bear the cost of replacing outdated consoles.

And if the members turn up with no battery on their phones, they can just plug in their USB-cable in the SMART Charge and start pedalling – eco-friendly charging!

Connected to the Fitness World app

Counting calories and participating in competitions and challenges in the Fitness World app has been made a whole lot easier. A direct connection between the BODY BIKE® Indoor Cycling app and the Fitness World app offers the possibility of automatic transfer of calorie count – previously this had to be done manually. To enable this, the Fitness World members must access the BODY BIKE® Indoor Cycling app through the Fitness World app. After workout, the calorie burn can be transferred to the Fitness World app by a tap on a button.

Fitness World jadegrøn

Intelligent Cycling and BODY BIKE® Indoor Cycling app

Along with the introduction of the new BODY BIKE®s, Fitness World also be introducing a new software system to their members, Intelligent Cycling. A big screen solution that features pre-developed workouts to suit everybody: beginner, experienced and advanced, themed workouts, boot camps, endurance and much more. The instructors use the system to guide live training sessions. The BODY BIKE® Indoor Cycling app and the Intelligent Cycling software feature similar training zones and is therefore highly compatible.

Customised to match the chain logo

Customisation is a key feature of BODY BIKE®: the top cover of the bike comes in 10 different colours and the side covers can be branded with an image or a logo. With the bikes for Fitness World, the top cover is specifically created for Fitness World in jade – a service offered by BODY BIKE® for large deals. The jade matches the interior of the rebranded gyms and is aligned with the new concept.

The new BODY BIKE SMART®+ bikes are already installed in a few clubs around Denmark and more will follow in the following months.

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