BODY BIKE Sets New Sustainable Standard for Fitness Equipment

BODY BIKE is on a mission to leave nothing behind and clean up.


BODY BIKE launches the second bike in our sustainable line of indoor bikes.

In a bid to contribute towards a cleaner and healthier environment, BODY BIKE, leading indoor bike manufacturer is proud announce that it will be expanding its range of sustainable fitness equipment. BODY BIKE has also pledged to manufacture all its bikes in a sustainable way in the coming years.

We’ve made a commitment to lead the sustainability agenda in indoor cycling manufacture, and have just launched our second sustainable bike: BODY BIKE Smart+ Forest Green. Manufactured using 25% recycled ABS plastic, Forest Green is the sister bike to our highly popular BODY BIKE Smart+ OceanIX, launched in 2019 and manufactured using recycled plastic fishing nets. In both cases, we’ve created sustainable bikes without any compromise in the ride experience or product quality and durability. They also look great: Forest Green, for example, is the deep green of classic cars, and combined with the black metalwork it delivers a very high-class finish. Meanwhile, every single BODY BIKE – across all our models – uses reclaimed, recycled iron for all cast iron parts: the crank shaft, pedal arms and flywheel. That’s a total of 35kg of recycled iron per BODY BIKE.

BODY BIKE is on a mission to leave nothing behind and clean up.

The sustainable siblings is calculated to leave a CO2 foodprint of 0,19 tonne Co2 e. This footprint is a direct result of using recycled plastics versus virgin plastics as well as recycled iron used for the internal castiron parts. Furthermore the product lifespan of the BODY BIKE SMART+ sustainable models also contributes to a low carbon footprint, reducing the need for replacement and subsequent carbon emissions associated with new production.

BODY BIKE’s new offering is expected to set a new sustainable standard for fitness equipment.

The BODY BIKE SMART+ Forest Green will be showcased at various fitness expos across the world. Visit The BODY BIKE Booth at FIBO in Cologne 13-16 of April, AusFitness expo in Sydney 28-30 of April or at FITSummit in Singapore 12 – 15 of June.

BODY BIKE's latest move towards sustainability is a step in the right direction towards a cleaner and healthier environment. We hope to inspire other manufacturers in the fitness industry to follow suit.

We're looking for like-minded partners in your part of the world!

BODY BIKE is actively seeking partnerships with like-minded individuals and companies who share our vision for a cleaner and healthier environment. We understand that we cannot achieve our mission alone, which is why we are reaching out to fitness professionals, gym owners, and sustainability enthusiasts across the globe to collaborate and drive change together.

If you are passionate about sustainability and are interested in joining us in our mission to clean up and leave nothing behind, we encourage you to reach out to us. Together, we can make a difference and inspire others to follow our lead.

Whether you're interested in incorporating sustainable indoor bikes into your fitness facility or want to promote eco-friendly fitness equipment to your followers, we're eager to hear from you. As we expand our range of sustainable fitness equipment, we're looking for partners who are as dedicated to sustainability as we are.

To learn more about partnering with BODY BIKE, please visit our website or connect with us at one of the upcoming fitness expos mentioned earlier. Let's work together to make a positive impact on the planet and future generations.