BODY BIKE unveils growth plans for Asia Pacific


BODY BIKE International has announced the launch of a new entity – BODY BIKE Asia Pacific – to support and develop the booming indoor cycling sector across the continent.

The new enterprise is a collaboration between BODY BIKE International and BODY BIKE Australia, whose team – Lee Smith, Paul Hillbrick and Tony Zonato – have forged strong networks for BODY BIKE across Australia.

“For over 16 years, our Australian distributors have brought their creativity and passion to the local market, partnering with operators across the country to bring best-in-class indoor cycling to clubs, studios and riders,” said Kim Petersen Hessellund, owner of BODY BIKE International.

“They now have broader ambitions for the booming APAC region. It’s a growth story we knew we wanted to be part of.”

BODY BIKE International has therefore come onboard as shareholder and investor, supporting BODY BIKE Australia in becoming BODY BIKE Asia Pacific.

“We’re delighted to join forces with Lee, Paul, Tony and team, giving birth to BODY BIKE Asia Pacific and providing investment to support and accelerate BODY BIKE’s growth across this dynamic market,” said Hessellund.

Uffe A Olesen, BODY BIKE International CEO, added: “There is huge potential in this market: Indonesia alone has a population of 280 million people.

“Equally important is the mindset we see there: the operators we meet from across Asia Pacific come to the table with so much optimism, innovation and focus on growth.

“They also embrace our sustainable agenda, which is hugely important to us. We’re on a mission to bring every bike in our portfolio in line with the sustainable models we’ve already launched – BODY BIKE Smart+ OceanIX and Forest Green – and we’re seeing high levels of interest from the APAC region. This further reinforces our desire to expand in and support this exciting market.”

Lee Smith, director of BODY BIKE Australia – now BODY BIKE APAC – said: “We see unprecedented potential across the markets of Asia Pacific and are very excited by the growth opportunities that BODY BIKE International’s support and investment will unlock.

“We look forward to reaching out across Asia Pacific, supporting existing and up-and-coming operators as they bring new concepts to market that will further boost the passion for indoor cycling across the region.”