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Making it possible to upload all data to STRAVA

The BODY BIKE® Indoor Cycling app is app to monitor

Developed by BODY BIKE® for the SMART+ indoor bike. Connect to your SMART+ bike by Bluetooth and use your smartphone to display your performance.

BODY BIKE® Indoor Cycling app provides indoor cyclists with a powerful tool to monitor their performance during and after workout and. Displaying power/watts, %FTP, heart rate, cadence, distance and calories burned – current, average and maximum values. A real motivating factor.

Featuring Colour Intensity Zones making it easy for the istructor to guide the class as well as to target the training. Adding colour to the zones, makes it visually easier to determine if you’re in the correct zone. It is a motivating display of data intended for all indoor cyclists riding the BODY BIKE® SMART+.

Want to transfer your perfomance to STRAVA?

You can upload your complete performance, with distance and speed, to your Strava account.

Get started with the app by getting a quick overview of the basic features in the Quick Guide below:


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  • Easy Bluetooth connection to BODY BIKE® SMART+.
  • Keep track of your indoor cycling workouts. All workouts are saved in the app.
  • Upload your complete performance data to your STRAVA account.
  • Colour intensity zones making it visually and easy to instruct and follow workout.
  • Find your FTP with the easy 5-minute FTP test.
  • Take the VO2 max test to determine your VO2 max and FTP.
  • Switch between data types by tapping the screen.
  • Switch between POWER, %FTP and %MHR by tapping the gauge.
  • Switch between graph displaying power, HR, calories, distance/speed and RPM by tapping the graph.
  • Customize your colour, skins and size of graphs.
  • Compatible with Bluettooth heart rate monitors.
BODY BIKE Indoor Cycling app

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