BODY BIKE® 360: behind the experience at FIBO 2016

How do you get a new person to try out your bike every five minutes? There’s more to it than you might think.



To tell you that the BODY BIKE® can handle harsh treatment like no other bike, that’s easy. But it’s not exciting. People should feel the passion, and see the attention to detail that goes into the BODY BIKE®. To get people on the bike, and not looking at it. Four body bikes, four screens, four headphones, and four top of the line VR-sets. So four people have a unique ride, while others have time to watch a short movie, have some coffee, talk, or watch our 360 degrees videos on one of the almost thousand VR cardboard glasses that were available at our booth.


We spend more and more time on the Internet. Especially young people spend more time behind a computer, smartphone, or tablet then they do moving. (Moving just your fingers doesn’t count as exercise). They have a great need for things to be ‘fun’. And exercise just isn’t. But games are.


To get young people moving, you have to provide an experience that connects with them. Set goals, and reward them if they achieve them. It’s all about adding ‘fun’. And that also works for their parents, or even their grandparents. The success of Wii Fit shows how gamification can help to create a cross-generational experience that lets you work out together.


A trade fair sometimes feels like an exhibition. Look, but don’t touch. How do you create your own world in this environment? MXO Media AG and BODY BIKE® International created a virtual universe for one player. Something that you have to feel to believe. How they liked it? See for yourself!