The straight rows

Having the cycles placed in rows and the instructor’s cycle placed in front of them gives you a very structured room. It is easy for the instructor to get an overview over the class and the instructor is surrounded by free space making it easy for the participant to see him. You can enhance the view to the instructor by placing him on a podium and placing the cycles uneven in the rows so everybody gets a straight view. Depending on the measurements of the room the rows can be made smaller or wider and rows can be added or removed. We recommend that there is about 35 cm between the front bottom frames and about 50 cm between the rows.

The wrapped rows

By bending the rows around the instructor, the participants get a more straight forward view to the instructor. The instructor becomes more equal to the rest of the participants as opposed to cycling alone in front of the class. This provokes the feeling of being a team which is a great motivational factor. The group feeling is supported by the fact that the participants can see each other. This arrangement exploits the room to its fullest.

Different levels

By placing the cycles on different levels you achieve a cinema effect. This gives a good atmosphere and nobody is stuck with the feeling of being left in the back. When placing the cycles on levels, the rows can be placed closer together. Therefore it is a good way to exploit the room, if you have limited space. The different levels can be made both as straight or bended rows.