A genuine interest in promoting a healthy lifestyle and a love for cycling launched the start of BODY
BIKE® back in the late 1990's. Here is our story:

Revolving around our cycles

The earth is revolving around the sun. The moon is revolving around the earth. BODY BIKE®’s world is revolving around indoor bikes. Bikes are what we do. Nothing else...

There are no lapses in our concentration. We are focused. We are specialized and we stay completely dedicated. We don’t want to do it all. We just want to do bikes. That is our secret. And that is why we excel in developing, designing and producing the world’s best indoor bikes.


It all began with a quest

BODY BIKE® International was established in the mid-1990’s and it all began with a quest. A quest for perfection – a passionate search for the ultimate indoor cycle that could meet the demands of the cyclists and their increasingly popular sport. Indoor cycling had evolved dramatically but the ultimate cycle was still to be seen.

BODY BIKE® International is located in Frederikshavn in the northern part of Denmark. Today we employ approximately 20 dedicated and skilled technicians, engineers and craftsmen, we produce more than 10,000 high-quality indoor bikes every year and have sales representatives in more than 30 countries around the world.

But the quest for perfection that got it all started never ends. Perfection is a fast-moving, ever changing concept and we have to move along with it, always striving to be better. By being receptive and ready for change, we pledge to evolve with the sport of indoor cycling and its athletes.

Enclosed. Protected. Clean

Our product range includes Classic, Classic Stainless Steel, Supreme, Connect, SMART and SMART+. We also offer a wide selection of high-quality accessories including an variety of saddles and pedals. One distinctive and revolutionary design feature makes BODY BIKE® indoor bikes stand out from the crowd: our bikes are fully enclosed cycles. Protective side and top covers seal the central flywheel and crank preventing dust and perspiration from entering, minimising the maintenance costs of the bike.

Aesthetics meets functionality

Subjected to high-wear and hard everyday use, indoor bikes live a strenuous life. They have to withstand a large number of users day in, day out, month after month, year after year. They are exposed to sweat, dirt and dust. That is why our design is not only about looks. It is not only an eye catcher but serves a practical purpose. The BODY BIKE® design is simple because that’s the way we like it. But also because simplicity equals durability, low maintenance and a longer life span. Simplicity keeps our bikes going strong. It takes them up mountains and through to the final sprints.

It helps them go the distance.

Simplicity. Lightness. Audacity.

Simplicity, lightness and audacity are key words central to the Scandinavian design tradition. We have made them ours by integrating the rebelliousness, the timeless elegance and high-class quality of Scandinavian design into our philosophy. In our design we dare to be different. We distance ourselves from the well-known mediocrity challenging your beliefs and daring you to welcome something new and different. With our clear-cut no-nonsense design we strive to eliminate visual noise creating a calm and harmonious cycling environment.

BODY BIKE® Timeline

For several years, BODY BIKE® International has been an important player in the market of designing and manufacturing indoor bikes, where the indoor cycling experience together with emphasis on safety has been the major focal points. At the same time, the vision of BODY BIKE® International is to continually develop and improve the indoor cycling experience. We are making the exclusive and original BODY BIKE® indoor bikes in designs suitable for any user and environment. Explore our history on the BODY BIKE® timeline.



A 2017, a new feature was added to the BODY BIKE® Indoor Cycling app: COLOUR INTENSITY ZONES. Training with intensity zones makes it easier to guide the class as well as to target your training. Adding colour to the zones, makes it visually easier to determine if you’re in the correct zone during your workout.

The BODY BIKE® Indoor Cycling app ensures a continuously updated display for the user. Updating the app paves way for the integration of new features in measurement such as this. With a tap on the screen, the new features are available to every one. BODY BIKE SMART®+ is the first indoor cycle to utilise the cyclist’s own smartphone to visualize the performance data as well as offering data storage and sharing to third-party apps. The app is customisable and includes a fitness level test to track progress. In addition, it facilitates cyclists with different fitness levels training in the same group.



In the fall of 2016, the BODY BIKE SMART® and BODY BIKE SMART®+ are introduced to the world at a fantastic fitness event in Amsterdam. BODY BIKE SMART®+ is a revolutionary innovation: SMART Charge. It is the first indoor bike in the world able to harness the power generated by the user and put it to good use. Equipped with a magnetic generator, the cycle generates power with every pedal stroke of the cyclist. The power allows for data transfer via BLE and ANT+ from the control box to the phone, and batteries are redundant. The excess power supports the SMART Charge: Plug in a cable connected to the smartphone into the USB-port, and start charging your phone.

The BODY BIKE® Indoor Cycling app ensures a continuously updated display with possibility for adding in-app features in future updates. It is the first indoor cycle to utilize the cyclist’s own smartphone to visualize the performance data as well as offering data storage and sharing to third-party apps. The app is customizable and includes a fitness level test to track progress. In addition, it facilitates cyclists with different fitness levels training in the same group.



Following the growing demand for BODY BIKE®s around the world, and particularly in Asia, BODY BIKE® International now establishes own sales company in Taiwan – BB Asia. This company will assist with sales and marketing in Asia. Our high quality bikes will be dispatched from our headquarters and production facilities in Denmark to the Asian market.


As BODY BIKE® was the preferred indoor bike by Les Mills RPM, the BODY BIKE® Supreme was selected to be part of Reebok Les Mills Immersive Fitness – The Project. A pop-up fitness studio with a 270 degree screen visualizing a trip through a 3D digital world. The pop-up studio toured Europe in 2014 and visited cities all over Europe. The bikes are customised with a special Immersive design on the service hatches.


In 2013, BODY BIKE® introduced the new SPLASH design available for BODY BIKE® Supreme and BODY BIKE® Connect. The design was officially presented at the FIBO International Trade Show in Cologne in April where BODY BIKE® Connect was nominated for the FIBO INNOVATION AWARD.


In 2012 all guessing is taken out of indoor cycling with the BODY BIKE® Connect. This watt cycle makes it possible to accurately see how you are performing. All data is transferred wireless to a unique BODY BIKE® Performance Console mounted right in front of the cyclist. The console is also made available in a different version for other BODY BIKE® indoor bikes.



BODY BIKE presents the Design Cover Indoor Cycles and the possibility to get all over print. The three Design Cover cycles has each been designed for a particular surrounding, making it possible for everybody to get a designer bike that compliments their home. Some even took this a step further by designing they own cover matching their fitness franchise.


In 2010 the private branding on the side covers of the indoor cycles has been a huge success. The close coordination between sales and production makes it possible to pin-point exactly which cycles are for which customers, giving BODY BIKE the unique opportunity to customize each cycle with an individual customer-chosen brand.


This year BODY BIKE writes history with BODY BIKE Magic, an indoor cycle designed specially for young people. Same year BODY BIKE celebrates the production of indoor cycle number 75.000 with the limited edition BODY BIKE Classic 75. Also, the new website is presented.


BODY BIKE develops the BODY BIKE Synthetic Brake Pad made from a strong synthetic material containing Kevlar. This new product eliminates the need for lubrication and provides a smooth cycling experience. BODY BIKE has now reached 35 distributors worldwide and is producing over 10.000 units a year.


BODY BIKE Classic Supreme is born. An elegant and high-quality cycle that becomes irresistible to club-owners worldwide. Together with BODY BIKE Classic Supreme, the Wave bottle holder and the BODY BIKE protective mat is launched. Also, the BODY BIKE 3IN1 pedal, the BODY BIKE Pro Soft Saddle and the BODY BIKE Pro Slim Saddle are introduced. The BODY BIKE logo is revived the same year.


Les Mills announced BODY BIKE as their preferred cycle and a productive cooperation between Les Mills and BODY BIKE is founded. Same year BODY BIKE moves to even larger facilities on the harbour of Frederikshavn, Denmark. The first BODY BIKE Look compatible pedal is sold this year.


This year BODY BIKE reaches its distributor no. 30. It is also the year where the revolutionary system HBS (Hydraulic Brake System) is introduced. The BODY BIKE Premium HBS has a patented system where braking is done directly inside the crank system and not on the flywheel.


BODY BIKE introduces an indoor cycle for home use, the BODY BIKE Basic. The model is designed for the less tough domestic environment and therefore can be made less expensive. The cycles for professional use are upgraded with stainless steel bottom frames.


In 2003, the BODY BIKE Classic is produced in a range of colours. It also is introduced in its upgraded version, the BODY BIKE Classic Stainless Steel.


The distributor network is expanded from 4 to 10 distributors worldwide and the brand of BODY BIKE is starting to become internationally known.


The production moves the larger facilities and BODY BIKE is finding its footing.


In the year 2000 the Classic cycle was born. It has a patented crank system created in one piece eliminating deformation and breakage. The hub was welded as a part of the flywheel again ensuring a perfect fit. Together with the belt this gave an excellent cycling experience; smooth and quiet. Also, the unbreakable pedal arm was patented and introduced in 2000.


Quickly, the many advantages of an enclosed cycle became clear. Therefore, the Open Bike was further developed resulting in a closed indoor cycle with metal side covers.


Open Bike saw the light of day in Frederikshavn, Denmark.