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There are multiple options to choose from when you want to spice up your indoor cycling class with virtual software. Some software can be used with all BODY BIKE indoor cycles whereas others use measured training data from the BODY BIKE SMART+ and BODY BIKE Connect indoor cycles. BODY BIKE SMART+ and BODY BIKE Connect both transmit the ANT+ protocol enabling them to connect to the vast majority of group training systems. BODY BIKE SMART+ also connects through BLE to most fitness apps for mobile devices. The list below is some of the options available*. These are all developed and handled by third parties. For further information or support, please contact the relevant company directly.


With the Activio Power Solution, the users get instant feedback on heart rate, power and cadence during indoor cycling workout. The training system picks up the HR from Activio Smart Belt or from a uniquely numbered chest belt and the power/cadence signal from BODY BIKE SMART+ and BODY BIKE Connect among others. After logging in on an easy to use touchscreen display or a tablet/laptop, each user can instantly monitor their heart rate, power and cadence data on a widescreen display and get coached by the instructor. After each workout a detailed report is available on and emailed to the end-user's account. The included Virtual Trainer tool allows the instructor or personal trainer to plan the session and intensity by creating a graph profile and include music. Activio Solutions optimize training results for the members, applicable to any training zone in the fitness club, for personal training, cardio area, functional training and more. Use the Activio app to motivate, track training and optimize your training goals.

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iQniter increases member retention and ensures high ROI. It is a training system that provides instant and real-time feedback to the cyclist by picking up the HR from iQniter Smart Sensors and the power/cadence signal from BODY BIKE SMART+ and BODY BIKE Connect among others. iQniter Cardio Training is flexible and highly customizable and can display performance metrics in various ways including leaderboards. The system provides features such as music, video and competitions and it is fully integrated with the free DesiQner tool allowing the instructor or personal trainer to plan the session profile including integrated music and video, which is synchronized with Cardio Training in the studio. iQniter Cardio Training is fully applicable to any training zone in the fitness club, CrossFit®, cardio area, functional training, etc.

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Myzone is usually all about heart rate tracking and MEPs (Myzone Effort Points). It's a member engagement tool that is highly motivating because it tracks all your activity in the club no matter what you do or where you are. The system is set to receive the ANT+ and BLE protocols from the Myzone belt, and adding an extra bridge to the system enables the reception and display of the ANT+ signal from the BODY BIKE SMART+ or Connect in the cycle studio.

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The system combines video and audio with gamification, and a digital interface for both instructors and participants. It creates a feeling of cycling on country roads, or alternative terrains. On the big screen, users can follow the landscape, whilst tracking their personal development and monitoring their progression, pulse and other indicators. Users can also compete in virtual challenges as part of a team or amongst their friends, whilst still using all their existing gadgets and devises. Instructor display console giving access to all menu choices during class. Developed by cyclists.

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BODY BIKE® Indoor Cycling app provides users with a powerful tool to monitor their performance during workout and after. Displaying power/watts, %FTP, %MHR, heart rate, cadence, speed, distance and calories burned – current, average and maximum values. It is a motivating display of data intended for all indoor cyclists using the BODY BIKE SMART+ indoor bike. Ride with colour intensity zones. Upload your training data to Strava. BLE compatible.

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Zwift is an online destination that places you and your bike into immersive, detailed, 3D landscapes with other cyclists from around the world. Now you can ride with anyone at any time. Packed with real-time stats, stunning lifelike graphics, and the latest in massive multiplayer online gaming, Zwift has kicked up the indoor cycling experience. Download to PC and Mac and use the mobile app as game controller. Also available for iOS now. Supports ANT+ and Bluetooth.

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Wexer Virtual Cycling

Say goodbye to dead hours in your spin studio! Wexer’s Cycling Cinema is an innovative video-based service that allows you to offer cycling classes all day long. Schedule more than 100 classes per week: maxi­mizing flexibility for you and your members without increasing instructor costs and music license fees.

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Spivi® is an innovative 3D Visualizing system made for indoor cycling studios and fitness clubs, installed on existing equipment. The group of trainees is placed on a virtual road, each one represented by his own avatar which reflects the energy level produces. Spivi® simulation engine generates an interactive virtual 3D visual experience based on real time data wirelessly collected from ANT+ sensors. The class instructor controls the scenery in real-time using a wireless controller. A personal training summary report is sent by mail after each training session and can be automatically shared on the leading social networks.

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Upload your own videos or choose among the geolocated videos of Kinomap and get training! Watch your icon moving on the map and on the elevation line as you ride your BODY BIKE SMART+ or Connect indoor cycle: your goal is to follow the rhythm of the original video.
A multiplayer mode is also available using the Game Center: 4 players can train on the same video, update leaderboards according to time and distance, achieve goals and speak to each other with the vocal chat feature.

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Performance IQ

Increase membership, improve client retention and separate yourself from the crowd by offering the most advanced group indoor cycling experience. Wirelessly display individual and group performance on to a single screen enabling indoor cycling studios to offer new class programming. Teach with power, heart rate, 3D animation and streaming video all in one easy-to-use system. Network heart rate belts and cardio equipment wirelessly to allow real time display of performance metrics. During class, monitor your performance data including heart rate, calories, power, and RPM in real time using group display or an app. After your workout, check your progress on your computer or phone. Turn your fitness studio into a Smart Studio.

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You can only improve what you measure. Selfloops have built a platform for people that are serious about performance and want to track and monitor their progress. You can also manage and coach a team. Track your workout using BODY BIKE SMART+ or Connect and upload your data on Selfloops directly from your Android smartphone. Data are stored and processed for further analysis. The statistics give you an overview of your activity with averages and max. The charts show the evolution of the metrics you have tracked such as heart rate, bike power and cadence. Each metric has a detailed zone analysis chart.

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Trainer Road

Trainer Road gives you a structured indoor cycling workout based on power and heart rate. More than 300 goal oriented workouts to choose from. Together with target input and motivational text, the measured data is shown live on screen while you work out. You can even use training videos from TheSufferFest or watch your favorite movie while exercising with Trainer Road. Follow a training plan and see past rides on your career page.

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Wahoo Fitness

To enable your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to receive the ANT+ signal, it needs a Wahoo Key. With the free Wahoo Fitness app you can record data from BODY BIKE SMART+ and Connect and upload workouts to your favourite training websites. The Wahoo Fitness app displays comprehensive cycling power data including watts, average power, nPower, iFactor, TSS, and mean max power for 20 seconds, 1, 2, 20, and 60 minutes. Add your user data to get personalized calorie burn and training zone data. You can even keep track of your splits and with the history tab you can see a summary of the results from your entire workout history.

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*BODY BIKE is not responsible for or able to provide support for any hardware or software used together with the BODY BIKE Indoor Cycles