FIT/ONE goes all in on the new BODY BIKE SMART+



Back in December 2014, the first FIT/ONE club opened in Stuttgart. After a test period, another two clubs opened in Munich and Raunheim. Today, FIT/ONE is one of the fastest growing chains in the fitness industry with clubs in 13 cities all over Germany. FIT/ONE offers a wide range of training options from power training, group fitness, personal training to women’s fitness. FIT/ONE also features several outstanding training options such as the first Les Mills THE TRIP studio in Germany and the largest HammerStrength Training Center in the world.

Christian Boschofsky is the Business Development Manager at FIT/ONE and a newcomer to the company. He is responsible for the planning of the new clubs including the conceptual strategy as well as recruiting the initial staff and managers for the new clubs. As he expresses: He works in a super team where everybody is working together.

The fitness chain has chosen to install BODY BIKE SMART+ in the facilities with Les Mills THE TRIP. In this interview, Christian Boschofsky gives us an insight into why.


The BODY BIKE is a completely closed indoor cycle. This ensures safety during training as well as protects the flywheel and vital parts from dust and sweat. Because of the enclosed nature of the design and very high quality of the raw materials, the BODY BIKE is known for its long life-span.

BODY BIKE SMART+ is the newest indoor bike from BODY BIKE. It combines solid mechanics and engineering with leading-edge technology. It’s an all-in-one package that really looks good in a fitness studio. And the best: the BODY BIKE SMART+ generates the power necessary to support data transmission via ANT+ and Bluetooth® without any impact on the environment. The power is generated by the pedal strokes of the cyclist thereby making batteries obsolete. The surplus power is harnessed and can be used for charging your smartphone through the SMART Charge USB-port on the side of the bike. You keep track of your training with the BODY BIKE® Indoor Cycling app which displays your performance right in front of you. You can follow your progress and see training data such as heart rate, distance, power output and a lot more. The data will be stored in the app for future review and analysis, and it can be uploaded to Strava. The data transmission to the app is through Bluetooth, and the app is available for Android and iOS.


What is the mission and vision of FIT/ONE?
Christian Boschofsky: FIT/ONE is a place where everybody can engage in their personal targets no matter fitness level “WHO ARE YOU”. Our highest goal as a service provider is to create passion.

What is the concept FIT/ONE offers to its members?
Christian Boschofsky: The concept unites all fitness genres in one design and lifestyle package without having to lower the standards in any respect.

In the big training area, the strength equipment meets Olympic requirements. This is also the case with the group fitness equipment and the wide range of available classes. The whole thing is completed by the functional zones and wellness area.

Despite the expansion, we have up till now managed to give each studio its own character and style – we haven’t forced a pre-designed template. In every Studio we offer personal coaching for just €38.

How important is the customer experience for FIT/ONE and why is it so important?
Christian Boschofsky: The members are the basis for everything because ultimately we’re creating this concept and facility for them. The demands are increasingly higher when it comes to price/quality ratio, and quite rightly so. When the members are not happy with a product, then management has clearly failed.

Can you tell us a bit about the strategy for the FIT/ONE cycling studios?
Christian Boschofsky: As our goal is creating excitement, our cycling room should also reflect that. THE TRIP is new and innovative and perfectly links the virtual surroundings with the instructor. The cycling studio is in itself a unique highlight.

Why have you chosen to install BODY BIKE indoor cycles in all your cycling studios?
Christian Boschofsky: The BODY BIKE not only looks sexy. It is comfortable and with its features, it meets all our requirements for THE TRIP. When you have tried to ride it once, then you know why this is the only way to go ;-)

Personally, I’m a big fan of BODY BIKE and I was happy to get the chance to test it in Amsterdam (red. at the launch of BODY BIKE SMART).

What good features does BODY BIKE SMART+ have?
Christian Boschofsky:  The easy adjustment possibilities coupled with the design and technical features. App, smartphone charger and Bluetooth connection all reflect the requirements of our members.

What do you think about the BODY BIKE Indoor Cycling App and how do you work with it?
Christian Boschofsky: The app turns the smartphone into a display and also stores the performance data. It’s the ideal training partner and displays your speed, power and much more. Very well thought out! We have definitely not discovered all the possibilities.

What’s the strategy for FIT/ONE in the next 10 years?
Christian Boschofsky: Right now we’re thinking in shorter terms because what happens in 10 years is up to the members. Our aspiration is definitely to move ahead and put some more green dots on the map of Germany. First in line are the major cities.

For more information on the BODY BIKE SMART+ in Germany, contact Studion on +49 (0)292 135 49 38 60, or go to to learn more about the product range of BODY BIKE. For non-German readers, please visit to find your nearest distributor.